6 weeks old

The babies turned 6 weeks old yesterday and today had their first official baths. They were all really great with only a few complaints. We have worked on weaning this week because Mama Bonnie goes back to her house tomorrow. Auntie Liz is coming back in trade so we’re really excited. 4th of July went super well and all the babies handled the hours and hours of our neighbors lighting super loud boomers. Today they didn’t even blink when Mike drove the loud riding mower near them.

They are doing awesome with the potty training and haven’t pooped in the pen for well over a week now. They also thankfully are later risers than the last litter. Whew!

We still have available puppies. Please let us know if you are interested.

Red Boy
Blue Boy
Yellow Boy
Lavender Girl
Purple Girl
Pink Girl
Minty Girl
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