Eye exams

First group car rides in the kennels and the puppies were great! Usually we have some crying ( or a lot of crying ) for most of the way there and they usually stop and settle down for the last 5-10 minutes but not this crew. They were chill and quiet right away and for the whole trip there. All the puppies cleared their eye exams and we stopped by my brother’s house on the way home and they got to play on some astroturf and politely meet a flat coat retriever.

We are making the long trek on Friday down to South Denver for evaluations with some fellow breeders and judges. We already know a few of the puppies that are available to companion homes but hopefully on Friday we should have sussed out which one we want to grow up in hopes of being the next generation.

Please let me know if you are interested in one of these puppies! We are really impressed with their temperaments in particular and they are a beautiful bunch.

Blue Boy
Red boy
Purple Girl
Pink girl
Yellow boy
Lavender girl
Minty girl
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