I could not believe what happened tonight. Oh and Happy 5 weeks old babies! They are doing so awesome and Bonnie has had her nights free for quite a few days which she loves. They are loving their playtime outside and even got out to the grass today. They are eating smushy kibble, dried kibbles and they get milk about 5 ish times a day with Bonnie. They are liking peeing and pooping outside and I’m excited that it will move more and more that way.

Back to my excitement right now. We put them to bed after playing outside for about 45 minutes. We get settled for bed and hear a pup whining. Check camera and it’s Pink. Go stealthy into the darkness and grab her. Bring her out to the little porch off our bedroom where she hadn’t been yet. Put her in the grass……and she tinkled! Like right away. She was asking to go out to pee! Ahhhhh! These little things excite me. Kind of like how calm everyone was outside when direct neighbors were lighting loud illegal fireworks in our street.

I’m so proud of these little puperonies.

Purple Girl
Pink girl
Red boy
Blue Boy
Minty girl
Lavender girl
Yellow Boy
We did a little TikTok today

We do post more photos daily to our instagram @bialyaussies and a few to our tiktok bialyaussies

As of right now we have a few puppies available. We feel strongly about a few of their show and performance potential that we would make special arrangements if that type of home inquired. Feel free to ask any questions

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