“You can do it”

Today was the 3rd time the puppies got to go outside. They had cabin fever and luckily it was great weather, so I opened the pen door and encouraged them to come out on their own.  It’s a little hop and they aren’t used to it so it was very interesting to watch them one by one figure it out.  I wish I had had my camera in hand for each and every one because you could almost see the brain cells working.     Agnes was first.  She is a go-getter.   She is also very demanding so if she hadn’t gotten out on her own, I think she would have vocalized her frustration to me.  She was also the first to jump down the step and jump back up the step and the first and only to jump back into the pen when she was done playing.     I’ve been watching puppy puzzle videos and one of the bits I watched yesterday was about challenges.   It’s hard not to grab them up and carry them outside but they have to figure it out themselves to gain confidence.    2 of the  puppies didn’t ever get out today.   Lemon was the most entertaining.  She was so frustrated and she took out her frustration on whoever else was trying to get out.  She got her feet up on the bars at one point, but decided not to try but looked so cute doing it.  That’s ok, maybe tomorrow.   Barry kinda didn’t give a crap about going out.  He’s so laid back.  He looked and said “too much work” and went and laid in his corner to nap.


Come on Lemon….NopeIMG_0514[1]IMG_0515[1]

She is so mad!IMG_0516[1]IMG_0517[1]

Barry might have tried to come out once, but Lemon pounced on him and he gave up and took a nap.IMG_0518[1]IMG_0520[1]IMG_0523[1]IMG_0525[1]IMG_0528[1]

Olive played with the ones that made it out.IMG_0530[1]

Grayce being sweetIMG_0533[1]

Kenny likes to snuggleIMG_0554[1]

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1 Response to “You can do it”

  1. Holly Kapica says:

    They’re all so fuzzy and adorable, I can’t wait to see them in person and feel how soft they are!

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