Kitchen pen is back

We have enjoyed having the kitchen table back for an entire 2.5 weeks between litters but today we set it up for the Bonnie babies. They spent a few hours in there over the day today and will do another few hours tomorrow and probably will transition fully on Monday. Big changes for them but they handled it like champs as long as there was a cold pack in there to lay on. It also helped that Bonnie’s human mom, Michelle, came to visit and sat in the pen for a while. They are so weird about loving the cold packs though. It puts them right to sleep.

f you do not follow us on instagram, you should. @bialyaussies We post daily adorable photos.

We are waiting a few more days to introduce mushy food because not all of them have teeth that are erupted. There are a few that do and the rest are right on the edge so soon.

We will take new individual photos tomorrow and start to get a general idea on who we have waiting first. We do have a couple of spots on the wait list available for both a boy and a girl or 2. If you have filled out the questionnaire, I’ll contact you this week to see if you want to commit and make a deposit to guarantee your position. To get to the questionnaire,

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