The puppies are two weeks old today and it has been quite a week. Last Sunday little green boy stopped wanting to nurse and went downhill pretty quickly. I do manage a veterinary clinic so I was able to intervene right away and give him fluids, feed him and give him antibiotics but sometimes there are no explanations why a puppy will fail to thrive. We tried everything we could, staying up with him overnight but he faded away. We’ve had many sleepless nights over the week making sure that the other puppies were gaining weight every day and bottlefeeding a couple if they weren’t but I think we’ve passed that point and everyone is gaining weight every day and they are toddling around now and eyes are opening and ears are opening. I still sleep with the iPad set up next to my pillow in the bed so I can hear any squeaks and see how they’re doing all night but it has been a couple of quiet nights thank goodness.

A few of them have both eyes open and a few of them can hear now so it’s going to get really fun over the next few days.

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