2 week individual photos

Finally, individual photos in birth order with their nicknames and weights!

This is David. He is the big chunky monkey. Birth weight 17 ounces, now 40 ounces.
Moira is the petite flower. Birth weight 13.1 ounces, now 30.5 ounces
This is Alexis. She was 13.4 ounces at birth and 35.5 ounces now.
Above is Stevie. She was 12.1 ounces at birth and is 35.5 now.
This us Patrick. He was 13.5 ounces at birth and is 33.7 now.
Last but not least is Johnny. He was 14.1 ounces at birth snd is now 35.1.
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2 weeks old.

The puppies turn 2 weeks old today. Most have open or partially open eyes and it seems like most can hear now. They will be chasing Liz around the whelping box pretty soon. We will be trimming nails and taking individual photos later but here is an introductory video of everyone. P.s I am still emailing families in order on the waitlist. Just slowly as I’m waiting to hear back from a couple.

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Happy Easter – Spa Day

Oh boy. Today was spa day for Liz. She had a lovely bubble bath, a pedicure, a haircut and a blowout. It was great until we made it back upstairs to find out one (or more probably) puppies had pooped and every one of them had rolled/crawled through it. So, earlier than normal, we gave all the puppies their first bath. Everyone is clean and fresh for now….

I know that I promised I would sort out the waitlist this weekend and contact families. It isn’t quite time yet. Being a breeder is hard on so many different levels. Today it is sorting through questionnaires, knowing I do not have enough puppies for the hopeful families that have inquired. I hate disappointing anyone but I hope that everyone understands that it’s all Liz’s fault. (Just kidding)

I will get in contact with everyone this week but until then, please enjoy our after bath attempts at Easter Bunny photos.

Liz and her innovative way to feed everyone at once
Black Tri boy
1st Blue Merle Girl
2nd Blue merle girl
Black Tri girl
1st Blue Merle
2nd Blue Merle Boy
Snuggly black boy
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1st Pedi

Puppies all had their first nail trim and file today. I’m sure liz is grateful as they were sharp!

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Bonnie’s booty call

I drove out to Utah today to pick up Bonnie, Liz’s sister. She has been staying with the lovely Cannon family for her dates with the gorgeous Deacon. Hopefully she will be expecting in late May. Fingers crossed!

Lounging in our hotel before the drive back home
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Liz started having her puppies on Sunday evening and finished just before midnight. She was expecting 7 and 6 were born alive and 1 was not. That’s not entirely uncommon for dogs but of course we are sad about the little one that passed.

The super 6 are doing so well. They are gaining weight every day and are thriving. In fact, Liz is such a great mom that I’ve been able to sleep most of the night with the baby monitor by the bed.

Tomorrow is s big day as they will have a visit from Dozer’s (daddy) mom to help with tail docking.

Introducing (no nicknames yet)

#1 Black Tri Male
#2 Blue Merle Female (1 of 2)
#3 Blue Merle Female (2 of 2)
#4 Black Tri Female
#5 Blue Merle Male (1 of 2)
#6 Blue Merle Male (2 of 2)
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Count the puppies

Looks like 7-8 puppies for Lizzy Lou. We can’t wait! (Plus, Bonnie will be announcing something very shortly)

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Our awesome dogsitter!

Our super awesome dog sitter has her own quarantine kitchen cooking show. Today’s show was dedicated to treating the dogs. They are getting pretty spoiled while we are on our puppymoon/spring break. We ❤️ Ivy!

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3 weeks to go

Liz has become way more loungy these past few weeks.
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Year of the puppy

Year of the Ox? Not here. We are planning for the year of the puppy! We have one litter coming at the end of march with our Liz and a possible litter in the plans for June with Bonnie. Yep! We’re crazy but it’s been a couple of years since we’ve had a litter (not counting single sensation Lilikoi)

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