The puppies are two weeks old today and it has been quite a week. Last Sunday little green boy stopped wanting to nurse and went downhill pretty quickly. I do manage a veterinary clinic so I was able to intervene right away and give him fluids, feed him and give him antibiotics but sometimes there are no explanations why a puppy will fail to thrive. We tried everything we could, staying up with him overnight but he faded away. We’ve had many sleepless nights over the week making sure that the other puppies were gaining weight every day and bottlefeeding a couple if they weren’t but I think we’ve passed that point and everyone is gaining weight every day and they are toddling around now and eyes are opening and ears are opening. I still sleep with the iPad set up next to my pillow in the bed so I can hear any squeaks and see how they’re doing all night but it has been a couple of quiet nights thank goodness.

A few of them have both eyes open and a few of them can hear now so it’s going to get really fun over the next few days.

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1 week old

Here are the 4 girls at 1 week old. Boys hopefully tomorrow as one is struggling a bit and we’re trying to help him back up in ounces.

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Bonnie’s Brood

Bonnie had all 8 of her babies 1 week ago today. She was kind enough to whelp in the middle of the day and very easily and quickly. 4 boys and 4 girls. We have had a pretty drama free week and I have been able to sleep in my own bed (with the ipad cam image next to my face) and we have had first nail trims and have started the Super Puppy exercises. We will be posting individual photos on Sunday but in the meantime here is a photo from last Friday. There is definitely availability on our waitlist.

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8 weeks

Left to Right Johnny, Alexis, Stevie, Patrick, David and Moira

Big weekend as 4 of the puppies went to their new homes. We still have Moira and Alexis to keep us entertained. Alexis is waiting to go to her new home as her new dad is going on a big trip next week and we were waiting to make sure Moira healed from her umbilical hernia repair last week. She is now available and adorable.

We also got the news that Bonnie is expecting a bit larger litter so are prepping for that to happen this coming weekend! What were were we thinking?

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Vet visit snd pool time

Started the day with checkups from Dr. Patten. We are so lucky to get personal home visits. Everyone looked great snd all 3 boys have all their parts.

We also filled the kiddy pool with water to see if the puppies like it. Kind of a dud as only Moira seemed to tolerate. Malibu was the only one of the big dogs who loved it. Guess no water dogs here. Only water bowl diggers I guess.

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12 clear eyeballs

Yesterday we loaded the 6 heathens in kennels in the car and drove the 45 minutes each way to get their eye check from the eye specialist. If you are interested in what they look for and how they check them, you can visit : https://www.ofa.org/diseases/eye-certification

They all passed and behaved very well once released in the exam room. We did have 1 potty on the pads I took but everyone else held it until we got back home.

After that, we put collars on the puppies. There has been some confusion and scratching, but no real drama puppies. 🙂

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Decision day/ Moira’s bump

Today was a busy day. About a week ago, we discovered a little umbilical hernia on Moira. That’s basically where the belly button *muscles* don’t completely close up so there is a little pocket where fluid or tissue can come out of the abdominal cavity where it’s supposed to stay put. Her’s was about the size of a pea. This is not completely unusual and can be caused by the mother pulling on the cord too aggressively when they are born or it can have a genetic component. I am so very lucky that I am able to take her to work with me and have it fixed forever in a quick surgical procedure. She has a teeny incision on her tummy that we need to watch over so we have made the decision to keep her here for a little bit with us.

We also had the puppies evaluated by the stud owner and a couple of other friends who are breeders and judges today. They were very impressed with all the puppies and the stud owner has decided to take David for her puppy back.

Tomorrow is the eye exam day and the first car ride for most of the puppies. Think positive thoughts about us taking 6 puppies for a 45 minute car each way to the clinic.

They are continuing to have fun and grow. They are all around the 9-10 pound range and as of tonight are completely on solid food. Liz has been cut off from supplying them with milk as I swear she would have never stopped on her own. She loves them and really does seem to like being around them too.

I have started emailing the prospective families about choices and visits are going to start tomorrow. Exciting times!

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Party puppies

Wow! We had a very busy past week with 3 different graduation parties and tons and tons of socialization by all ages of people. They even had a temporary change of location (next door back yard) and took that very well. These puppies should be bullet proof. They continue to love being outside. Lets hope for less rain this coming week. Makes for wet stinky puppies.

They are 100% for pooping outside! Yes! They do continue to potty on the pads, as well as outside, which is to be expected as they realistically can only hold their bladders for a couple of hours at most.

They are really playing rough with each other which helps build future social skills and limits with other dogs. They are starting to pull at our clothes and bite us which we are quick to correct as it hurts!

They are still sleeping nicely from about 10 PM to 4ish AM. Sorry if you aren’t early risers.

Stud dog owner is going to be picking her puppy this coming Tuesday and we will decide also soon if we are going to keep one. Please get in touch with me if you are still interested in a puppy but haven’t kept in contact. We will be taking them for their eye exams next Wednesday and probably the following Friday to the vet for checkups and first shots. Then they can go to new homes next weekend!! Crazy it has come so fast.

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5.5 weeks old

They are getting so big! 5 week totals: David 6.2, Alexis 6.2!!, Moira 5.11, Patrick 5.10, Stevie 5.13, Johnny 5.13

They are getting cuter and more fun every day. We are all loving this weather and it is really great that most of the pottying and almost all of the poops are outside. Makes for lots less work for the washing machine. They do like to wake up very early in the morning so I hope you all are early risers.

This past week and the coming week are very busy for our household and the puppies have taken the extra noise, extra visitors and general chaos in stride. They are all happy go lucky and so far I am not worried about any of these guys going to any type of house. We have started spending one on one time with each puppy which will help them gain a little independence from littermates and help us further evaluate for potential placements.

They are still nursing a little whenever they can chase Liz down but their main diet is ground up kibble mush and solid kibbles. They like chewing on nylabones and softer gummy chewies. They’ve had some chicken jerky and rawhide ‘flips’ that they enjoy gnawing on.

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Catching up

It’s been a busy few days. The weather has been awesome and we’ve been getting the babies outside a few times a day. They are now sleeping without Mama in with them. They are eating mostly smush and crunching on some kibbles. They also still manage to corner Liz for about 6 feedings a day although their teeth are so sharp.

They are starting to tug on the toys and the beds sometimes. The last day or so, they have started rough and tumble play with each other.

They are slowly growing into holding their bladder a little so we will work more on getting them out the door when they finish a meal or wake up in the coming weeks. The poops are starting to land farther away from the sleeping/play area in the pen. Our washing machine is getting quite the workout because we work very hard to keep the environment the puppies are in clean. We really believe that makes a difference in housebreaking.

We are still playing lots of different sounds for them. We did have a loud, thunderous storm yesterday and nobody cared.

Weights from their 4 week weigh in: David 4lbs8oz, Moira 3lbs14oz, Alexis 4lbs2oz, Stevie 4lbs2oz, Patrick 4lbs4oz, Johnny 4lbs5oz

Lots and lots of photos! First one cracks me up. We put a mirror up in the pen and Patrick, who I think of as Prince Charming, clearly likes his reflection.

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