4 weeks old.

Hard to believe that four weeks has gone by and that we are halfway through our journey. They moved completely out to the big pen this week and it made me kind of sad to put away the whelping box for the final time.(for another year at least) 

They started ground up puppy food this week and really like it. They are surprisingly clean and nobody has had to have a bath yet. They really love playing with us and run over anytime anybody walks by. They have been going on the porch a few times over the last few days and they really like exploring out there.

We did there weekly weigh in and their DNA tests for MDR1 and added a merle test since their dad is technically an atypical merle.

Lots of individual photos below and extras from the past few days.

We are going to start taking deposits of families that are interested. It’s been kind of a weird summer as a few people have dropped off the list because they decided they definitely want a blue merle girl with blue eyes and we definitely don’t have that this time. We love our black tris and they seem to have awesome personalities so far. We do have room on the list for a couple of the boys and at least one of the girls.

Minty Girl
Pink Girl
Yellow Boy
Lavender Girl
Blue Boy
Red Boy
Purple Girl
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