Decision day/ Moira’s bump

Today was a busy day. About a week ago, we discovered a little umbilical hernia on Moira. That’s basically where the belly button *muscles* don’t completely close up so there is a little pocket where fluid or tissue can come out of the abdominal cavity where it’s supposed to stay put. Her’s was about the size of a pea. This is not completely unusual and can be caused by the mother pulling on the cord too aggressively when they are born or it can have a genetic component. I am so very lucky that I am able to take her to work with me and have it fixed forever in a quick surgical procedure. She has a teeny incision on her tummy that we need to watch over so we have made the decision to keep her here for a little bit with us.

We also had the puppies evaluated by the stud owner and a couple of other friends who are breeders and judges today. They were very impressed with all the puppies and the stud owner has decided to take David for her puppy back.

Tomorrow is the eye exam day and the first car ride for most of the puppies. Think positive thoughts about us taking 6 puppies for a 45 minute car each way to the clinic.

They are continuing to have fun and grow. They are all around the 9-10 pound range and as of tonight are completely on solid food. Liz has been cut off from supplying them with milk as I swear she would have never stopped on her own. She loves them and really does seem to like being around them too.

I have started emailing the prospective families about choices and visits are going to start tomorrow. Exciting times!

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