Party puppies

Wow! We had a very busy past week with 3 different graduation parties and tons and tons of socialization by all ages of people. They even had a temporary change of location (next door back yard) and took that very well. These puppies should be bullet proof. They continue to love being outside. Lets hope for less rain this coming week. Makes for wet stinky puppies.

They are 100% for pooping outside! Yes! They do continue to potty on the pads, as well as outside, which is to be expected as they realistically can only hold their bladders for a couple of hours at most.

They are really playing rough with each other which helps build future social skills and limits with other dogs. They are starting to pull at our clothes and bite us which we are quick to correct as it hurts!

They are still sleeping nicely from about 10 PM to 4ish AM. Sorry if you aren’t early risers.

Stud dog owner is going to be picking her puppy this coming Tuesday and we will decide also soon if we are going to keep one. Please get in touch with me if you are still interested in a puppy but haven’t kept in contact. We will be taking them for their eye exams next Wednesday and probably the following Friday to the vet for checkups and first shots. Then they can go to new homes next weekend!! Crazy it has come so fast.

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