5.5 weeks old

They are getting so big! 5 week totals: David 6.2, Alexis 6.2!!, Moira 5.11, Patrick 5.10, Stevie 5.13, Johnny 5.13

They are getting cuter and more fun every day. We are all loving this weather and it is really great that most of the pottying and almost all of the poops are outside. Makes for lots less work for the washing machine. They do like to wake up very early in the morning so I hope you all are early risers.

This past week and the coming week are very busy for our household and the puppies have taken the extra noise, extra visitors and general chaos in stride. They are all happy go lucky and so far I am not worried about any of these guys going to any type of house. We have started spending one on one time with each puppy which will help them gain a little independence from littermates and help us further evaluate for potential placements.

They are still nursing a little whenever they can chase Liz down but their main diet is ground up kibble mush and solid kibbles. They like chewing on nylabones and softer gummy chewies. They’ve had some chicken jerky and rawhide ‘flips’ that they enjoy gnawing on.

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