Catching up

It’s been a busy few days. The weather has been awesome and we’ve been getting the babies outside a few times a day. They are now sleeping without Mama in with them. They are eating mostly smush and crunching on some kibbles. They also still manage to corner Liz for about 6 feedings a day although their teeth are so sharp.

They are starting to tug on the toys and the beds sometimes. The last day or so, they have started rough and tumble play with each other.

They are slowly growing into holding their bladder a little so we will work more on getting them out the door when they finish a meal or wake up in the coming weeks. The poops are starting to land farther away from the sleeping/play area in the pen. Our washing machine is getting quite the workout because we work very hard to keep the environment the puppies are in clean. We really believe that makes a difference in housebreaking.

We are still playing lots of different sounds for them. We did have a loud, thunderous storm yesterday and nobody cared.

Weights from their 4 week weigh in: David 4lbs8oz, Moira 3lbs14oz, Alexis 4lbs2oz, Stevie 4lbs2oz, Patrick 4lbs4oz, Johnny 4lbs5oz

Lots and lots of photos! First one cracks me up. We put a mirror up in the pen and Patrick, who I think of as Prince Charming, clearly likes his reflection.

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