Happy Easter – Spa Day

Oh boy. Today was spa day for Liz. She had a lovely bubble bath, a pedicure, a haircut and a blowout. It was great until we made it back upstairs to find out one (or more probably) puppies had pooped and every one of them had rolled/crawled through it. So, earlier than normal, we gave all the puppies their first bath. Everyone is clean and fresh for now….

I know that I promised I would sort out the waitlist this weekend and contact families. It isn’t quite time yet. Being a breeder is hard on so many different levels. Today it is sorting through questionnaires, knowing I do not have enough puppies for the hopeful families that have inquired. I hate disappointing anyone but I hope that everyone understands that it’s all Liz’s fault. (Just kidding)

I will get in contact with everyone this week but until then, please enjoy our after bath attempts at Easter Bunny photos.

Liz and her innovative way to feed everyone at once
Black Tri boy
1st Blue Merle Girl
2nd Blue merle girl
Black Tri girl
1st Blue Merle
2nd Blue Merle Boy
Snuggly black boy
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