Not so terrible 3 weeks old

Lots of changes this past week (and a half, sorry)  Lili passed the 5 pound mark.  We took the rails out of the box so she and Remi have lots more room.  She’s started barking and playing which Remi is not so jazzed about.  Luckily her Aunties and Grandma take over in that department.  She has some new teeth and celebrated by having her first smushy meals.  She really likes her time out of the box and whines until someone lets her out. Then Penny and the Aunties take over and make triple sure she’s clean while she’s trying to explore everywhere.  The wood floors are still a challenge for her but she still tries over and over.  She has a bit of a sassy streak and she’s a talker like her mom and others before her.   I’ve posted some videos in the Youtube channel ‘bialyaussies’ and some on our instagram also bialyaussies, but here are a ton more.


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