Table for 2 please.

There they are.   Both of Remi’s puppies.


Although we are very happy that Remi is pregnant, a litter of 2 is not exactly what we had planned for.  Right now they look like a good size and we are planning on a natural delivery.  Sometimes though,  with smaller litters, they don’t produce enough “hormones” to trigger labor naturally so we will keep a close eye on her and be prepared for a c-section if necessary.

A tiny litter like this is also a little disappointing because we know that lots of families were looking forward to adding a puppy to their home this Summer.    We can certainly offer help with names of other breeders in the area if anyone is interested.    Right now, we are unsure of solid future plans.  We *may* re-breed Remi this Fall to the same sire.  We *may* breed Malibu this Fall.  We just don’t know for sure at this point.

But…. Good news is that Remi is settled in here now and we can’t wait to meet the little ones this Friday or Saturday maybe.    She will continue to hog the air conditioner vent just like her mom and her grandpa did.


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