We are a little past 8 weeks.  Where are the 8 week photos?  Where are the updates?    So Sorry.  😦  I had a judging assignment in Michigan and was supposed to be home Sunday morning……..then the “ice storm” happened and I finally got home today.  Ugh!  And now, I’m heading to Albuquerque for a funeral tomorrow, so Wednesday will be bath and photo day, which is good because Thursday the first baby goes home!  Nooooooooooo.

We get asked alot about food for the puppies.  We give you a “kit” when you come pick up your baby.

In the kit:

-A 6 pound bag of Pro Plan Puppy.  That’s what they are eating right now and that should be enough to transition to whichever food you want to continue to feed.  We recommend moving to regular adult food soon.  There is evidence that growing too fast is hard on puppy bones so adult food provides more than enough nutrition for their age.  We also recommend not buying the giant size of whichever food you decide to feed.  Some foods just don’t work for some puppies and it’s better to make sure before you buy that 40 pound bag.    There are alot of good foods out there and the only ones I really don’t like are blue buffalo, anything grain free and anything you can get at the grocery store.

-A blanket and toy that have been “smelled up”.  We hope this helps them feel safer with the first few nights away from their buddies.

-A kong toy.  These are great for stuffing, and freezing to keep puppy busy for hours in a crate.

-Poo bags and a holder.  Who doesn’t need more poop bags?   Also, funny story about poo.  The puppies have inherited Penny’s habit of kicking out her back legs after she poops.  It’s not so funny when Penny kicks up divots in the grass but when the puppies do it, it’s ADORABLE.

-Cookies.  Some of our favorite cookies 🙂

-A few packets of probiotics to put in food if puppy develops a loose stool.

-A binder with all health info for puppy, sire and dam and lots of photos


Some fun from today


The puppies lost their tunnel privileges today.   😦    They also lost their raised bed “trampoline”.  I would suggest all new owners buy a big bottle of bitter apple.  These guys like to chew.  Speaking of chew…..there are a few chewies I recommend to have on hand to keep them busy.  We like Greenies and sweet potato chews and Z-bones and Whimzees.    We also use rawhide flips (the flat rectangle) but rawhide is a personal choice and I understand if people don’t like that.   We get ours from the clinic and it has a dental enzyme on it.    Definitely no bully sticks or other “greasy” stuff for at least a few months.  (unless you like diarrhea 😦  )


Crazy Eyes Eevee



Kenny love belly rubsIMG_0311

Agnes and MadgeIMG_0312

Madge held outIMG_0314

Everybody loves LarryIMG_0315


Agnes also loves belly rubsIMG_0321


Surprise.  Barry also loves belly rubsIMG_0329




Penny and LeiLani having a conferenceIMG_0288




Dex againIMG_0301


Gracye FaceIMG_0304




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