1 week old!

Beware!  Lots of photos follow.

Puppies are 1 week old.  They are all doing well and gaining weight every day.  We gave them temporary names for while they are here because it’s easier than saying  “puppy 1”.

Grayce is still a mystery to us.  Will she stay gray?  Will she turn into a black tri?   We don’t know for sure but we do know that she is attracting attention and that she got to keep her tail, which we like.  She is also the first puppy by a long shot to “walk” around.

Group photo below Left to Right: Agnes, Kenny, Lemon, Madge, Barry, Leilani, Eevee, Dex, Grayce


Madge – Blue Merle FemalePuppy1Week1Puppy1Week1(2)

Agnes – Black Tri FemalePuppy2Week1Puppy2Week1(2)

Barry – Black Tri MalePuppy3Week1Puppy3Week1(2)

Kenny – Black Tri MalePuppy4Week1Puppy4Week1(2)

Grayce – FemalePuppy5Week1Puppy5Week1(2)

Lemon – Blue Merle FemalePuppy6Week1Puppy6Week1(2)

Dex – Black Tri MalePuppy7Week1Puppy7Week1(2)

Leilani Black Tri Female


Eevee – Blue Merle Female


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