Oreo :) ( and lawn maintenance)

Oh boy.  Oreo had an exciting visit to school.   When we pulled up there was some sort of rally going on and all the high schoolers were out in the lawn.    He was surrounded for about 20 minutes with a huge group of kids wanting to squee him.   Hutton says he’s a “chick magnet” because the majority of admirers were girls.    He handled it very well and even though he was dog tired when I plucked him out of the pen he was alert for the whole car ride, excited to look out the windows.  He calmly took all the hands all over him and didn’t seem scared at all.

Now, after school we got the leaf blower out and cleaned off the porch.  Of course all the puppies scattered when it started.  A couple ventured back while it was still on and all of them came up and sniffed it when I turned it off and put it down.    The lawnmower (giant, riding) is very loud and *nobody* stuck around for that which is fine with me.

Below is Oreo before and after his debut.

IMG_4183[1] IMG_4185[1]

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