Webcam viewer guide

I know it’s hard to tell who is who from above, so along with Drew Jensen ( Photography, I created a little guide.

Left to right: Chief, Oreo, BabyCakes and MoneyPenny

Oreo is simple.  He has the blaze that connects with his white collar.

MoneyPenny has the tail and the thinner blaze and thin collar.

Now, Chief and BabyCakes are a little tougher to tell from the top.  They both have full white collars, but where BabyCakes has a wide, pretty consistently wide around collar, Chief has a sort of “arrow” pointing up towards his head.  He was named Chief by Mike because he looked like he had an Air Force stripe.

2weeksbluepuppiesfromaboveThe blues are a little more tricky.

Left to Right:  Jamie, Yellow, Abe and Claire

Of the 2 with tails, Abe has the giant white collar that goes back pretty far.  Jamie has the big black patch on his right shoulder.

Claire has black “angel wings” on her back.  In fact, we almost called her Angel because of that.  Yellow has a large, wide collar almost as big as her brother, Abe.  She has black patches on both sides of her flank also.

As the get bigger, they will be easier to tell apart, promise!

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