Snow day


Snow!   Ugh, I’m sick.  snow…… 😦      I wasn’t planning on taking the puppies out today because it is sooo cold and I wasn’t sure how they’d do with the snow.  Around 3 PM, they started a ruckus!  I tried to wait it out.  No go.   They wanted their afternoon romp.   So bundle up and out we go.   They did GREAT.  They all pooped right away, so immediately I was glad that they demanded out.  Such clean puppies. 🙂    The time outside only lasted about 15 minutes total, and we did have a few casualties of Penny and Moolah’s snow-crazy rollovers.  Now, they’re sleeping like babies and I can snuggle up under a blankey for another hour or so.

Pearl (who I can’t stop calling Kate still) shows no hesitationImage


Pansy having a little snow crazy moment herselfImage


Peach chillin on the unshoveled part of the porchImage


Smitty avoiding getting pounced on by PennyImage


Poppy right after being rolled over by both Moolah and PennyImage


Pi mad because he got flopped out in the snow.Image

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