The puppies started playing with each other.   Let the fun begin.  ImageAbove is Smitty and Pansy starting to chew on each other.    It’s fun to hear the growls and yips.  They’re starting to recognize our voices and they definitely recognize the sound of the gate being opened to let Mama in.  She’s appreciating her “alone” time more and more now.  Feeding her has become a challenge because the puppies have decided her food bowl smells delicious and they climb in .  Next week, they will get some ground up food of their own to try and we begin the weaning process.  Nail trims continue, although they already dislike the “clip’ noise it makes.

You might notice that I put a white pad at the corner of the box this week.  It’s a potty pad which is the very beginnings of potty training.  It has an attractant (herbal) that is supposed to lure them over there to eliminate.  I’ve also started introducing a scent to the puppies in the area that I want them to use for sleeping.  Vanilla.  Most people that practice this use lavender, but I’m not a fan.  The idea is to condition them to understand that the vanilla smell is comforting and relaxing.

We’ve been super busy here with bathroom remodel and now one son’s 16th birthday here, but after this weekend, things should calm down and I will update the website with more photos.  Meanwhile, the puppy cam is still operating:





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