1st Nail Trims!

Day 6.

Moolah asked that we trim the puppy toenails as they were like 48 little daggers on her tender, delicate skin. Anyone that watched the puppycam footage during the time I was wrestling with 6 squirmy wormy puppies can attest to the fact that doing it by yourself is a challenge even at this age.  I finally learned to do the back feet while they are eating, then get the fronts (including dews) when they pass out from the milk coma.   We will keep up the nail maintenance and when they get older, we’ll try to make nail trim time a positive experience so that when they go to their new homes, they hopefully will not put up a fuss.

This is also the 3rd night that we’ve done the “Super Puppy” stimulation.  More info on this can be seen at: http://breedingbetterdogs.com/pdfFiles/articles/early_neurological_stimulation_en.pdf

We have done this program with our litters for about 10 years now and really believe that it makes for happy, healthy, and well adjusted puppies that can handle stresses well.

I’ll close with photos from today.  Adorable photos. 🙂

Poppy (Black Tri Female with Natural bobbed tail)


Pearl (Black Tri Female with Full Tail)


Pansy (Black Tri Female with Natural bobbed tail (shortened a teeny bit))


Smitty  (Black Tri Male with Long Tail)


Peach  (Black Tri Female with Long Tail)


Pi (Black Tri Male with Natural bobbed tail)


And a little extra Peach Pi just for fun 🙂


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