Picture day today! The herd got their second bath and blow dry. This time, everybody whined (except Pirate for some reason) and hooched. Bindi and Snap even tried to tell the blow dryer to stop!
We set up the backdrop and one by one flashed them at least 20 times. I think the results were pretty good. Nobody fell off the table and everybody got a good shot or 2. We even got a group shot that I can’t believe turned out.
Darcy is gone now and Fred has taken over mommy duties. She’s more like the fun Aunt that pokes you if you misbehave. Stella and Claudia could care less the puppies. They are no fun!
Yesterday I started giving them chewies. They’ve had toys in their pen for a while, but since they started chewing on the metal bars, I figured they wanted something more substantial. We gave them rawhide flips and dehydrated chicken breast strips.
They are starting to sleep more at night now. Last night they went from 10 PM to about 5 AM with a few peeps on the puppy pads. The current problem is that they don’t like to go *back* to sleep after this potty trip. I guess for a while we can get up early. 😦
This week I’m going to take all of them for single dog car rides and start getting them used to being in a kennel alone. Fun Fun!

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