Goodbye Darcy.

As I sit and listen to everybody whining, I’m willing Saturday to come fast. Saturday is the day Darcy goes back to her home. We have been limiting her time with the puppies and today she’s only had 1 visit so far. We’ll miss her, but it’s time. Nobody is happy about this situation, except for maybe Fred. She’s jazzed that she gets quality time with the puppies now. She had only viewed them through a glass window for so long.
I took a few pictures of what happened when the office door was swung wide open. Some furious tail wagging from Bindi and Bananaz followed. They were the first ones to play with her. Yay for brave puppies.

Mr. Suh got to take a car ride yesterday. He handled the drive fine, but was a little whiney and bored after about 20 minutes.

Since the pups have started getting to go outside, we’ve had no pooties in the house. Yay! They still potty on the pads (well mostly), but it seems like they know what’s up and do their business right away outside.
Happy Suh
Casual Picklez
Florence running
Everybody ran today (Snap)

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