Alot has changed in 1 week. All eyes/ears are open and they are taking in the world. We hear random barks/growls and it’s so cute. Their teeth have come in and they are discovering chewing on each other. Right now Bananaz and Suh are the main chewers and everyone else is a chewie.
Florence got stepped on by Darcy last week and injured her pelvis. It was so sad to see her in pain. It happened right on the day that everyone started walking so she’s been left behind in the dust. Puppies recover well and over the weekend she and her very calm brother Picklez spent time separate from the wild bunch to work on her Physical Therapy without the threat of her being smooshed again. I’m happy to report that she and her brother were reunited with the group yesterday and that Florence is walking on all 4 legs almost as well as her siblings. Of course now, she’s a little spoiled. 😉

Suh and Bananaz Playing

Pickles and Pirate Playing
Clockwise from top left: Suh, Pirate, Bindi, then Bananaz

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