Tails and No Tails

Today is the day for the puppy tails to come off.  3 of the puppies have full tails, which I will happily keep long.  That’s kind of unusual for my litters.  I usually have only 1 or 2 that are shorties.  Mike and I made the decision on this litter to not dock the full tails.  It wasn’t a tough decision as we both hate doing it and don’t mind the look of full tails.  No, I’m not joining PETA.  I just hate how they scream and cry for rest of the day.  I hate the thought that I am cutting off a part of their body, for no good reason.  (in my opinion) I also fully believe that someday soon, we will not have the choice.  Yes, showing in Conformation would be much harder, but not impossible.  Plus, I have this fantasy that as soon as the boys are in college, Mike and I will move to Italy. 😉

So, I will pack the babies up and head to work.  This is the first time I won’t be doing my own.  I’m giving Mike a reprieve from holding the screaming, squirming babies.


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